Sunday, November 15, 2009

Topics for Legal Bibliography Reports

1. What is statute law?

Please explain the following:
a) Public versus private statutes
b) General versus special statutes
c) National or general versus local statutes
d) Conventional versus subordinate statutes

What are the classes of statutes? Please give examples of each.

2. What is a Constitution? Provide a brief history of the Philippine Constitution.

What are treaties? What are executive agreements? Do these have the force of law? How are treaties entered into?

3. What are the parts of a statute and explain each part.

In Philippine legal bibliography you will find references to General Orders, Acts, Commonwealth Acts, Republic Acts, Batas Pambansa, Letters of Intent, Presidential Decrees and Executive Orders. Please explain what each reference pertains to.

How are statutes enacted? When do they take effect? How do statutes get amended? How do they lapse?

4. What are municipal legislation? What are ordinances? Please give examples.

5. What are administrative rules and regulations? When are administrative rules and orders considered subordinate legislation?

What are court rules and legislative rules? Please give examples.

6. What is case law? What is the structure of our court system? Please include other governmental bodies with quasi-judicial functions.

7. What are the parts of a case?

What does the phrase "ratio decidendi" mean? How about obiter dictum?

8. Please explain the principles of res judicata, “law of the case” and stare decisis.

9. What are secondary authorities? Please give examples.

10. When is it appropriate to refer to, or cite, foreign legal materials? What is their impact?

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